Will BNP crash out like UKIP?

I am not sure what point you are making about Hartlepool and UKIP, Alan.

I suppose you mean that because UKIP got 10% at Hartlepool in 2004 and pushed Tories into 4th place, and then disappeared that means the BNP pose little threat to labour now.

On the face of it, that’s not an unreasonable first theory.

But two things need to be thought about. 2004 was the height of the Robert Kilroy Silk optimism for UKIP which pushed in all their MEPs when they won 3,000,000 votes in the Euro elections. Hartlepool was the first and last big byelection coup for UKIP.

Once Kilroy crashed out, that was it. UKIP have been flatlining ever since.

The similarity to the BNP in Sedgefield is that the vote came at the expense of one major party far more than another. Then it was the Tories who were hurt.

The BNP vote has come mostly from one party too, this time it’s labour. But are the BNP be about to crash and flatline as UKIP did?

The word from the ground is no. UKIP were terribly badly led and suffered from continuous infighting as Kilroy found. This goes on to this day with Farage and Nattrass still at each others’ throats. The fur is still flying. They are not well financed and are pathetically badly led.

The BNP are well organised, well financed, and there is no infighting amongst the leadership. Their campaigning is professionally run, and they have a highhly motovated army of foot soldiers.

They avoid the media, just as much as the media avoids them, and they deliver their message through leaflet and local meetings. they are strongly controlled and led from the centre. At this point in time there is nothing which suggests the BNP are about to crash out.

On the contrary Gordon Brown is quite clearly starting to pitch at this market with his ‘British jobs for British people’ and the proposed repatriation of illegal immigrants. Brown is taking BNP seriously. Labour do not utter one word about them. The media is silent about them, and polls mysteriously do not seem able to enter the BNP into their sums.

The proof to me is that Brown is worried.

Yesterday Nick Griffin was elected leader by 91% of the votes cast by the membership. They launched a national petition for a referendum on the EU Constitution today.

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  1. I have been in involved with the British Nationalist movement since the late 70’s when I joined after leaving the armed forces at 27.

    Now years later I am meeting ex-servicemen of the age I started at, who are picking up the standard and still pushing forward.

    We will not be stopped and we will never give in because we believe in our cause 100%

    The Lib/Lab/Con are our best recruitment sergeants ever and with Nick Griffin we have a leader capable of going head to head with any politician if given the chance.

  2. tapestry says:

    why do people think you are racist?

    is it a one man band?

    genuinely interested in any answers.

  3. Tapestry, thank you for the opportunity to reply.

    I suspect the racist bit came about as a result of the early days of the movement and founders who were affected by the results of the 2nd world war.

    The BNP of today is certainly not racist and I would not support or defend any person or group who attacked others because of their color. Those who do that the sworn enemies of true nationalists.

    The recent re-election of the Leader of the BNP shows that it is a demogratic organisation but Nick Griffin is a very charismatic person with deeply held believes that ordinary people can relate to.

    However he has said that when the time comes and a better man is there to promote the party then he would voluntarily stand aside.

    Without exception, every real BNP member I have met are decent people from all walks of life. They are genuine people.

    Check out my site. I am sure there are things there that might or will offend but sometimes like the people I to get frustrated at what is happening to Our Country.

    If post a comment it will be left there for all to see. I believe in freedom of speech.

    By the way you have some good articles. I did not say I was against plagiarism.

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