Where Are The Left Wing Bloggers?

Left wing blogging is active on politicalbetting.com and comment is free – the Guardian comments section – is a place where the left expresses its opinions openly.

Left wing blogging overall seems to focus on attacking the ideas of others, rather than building ideas of their own.

The right wing mind starts with the positive viewpoint that all is well with the world and if we do the right things, the world will get better. The left seem to think that all is not well with the world, and unless they dismember and destroy what is being created, terrible injustices will result.

To a right winger, poverty needs to be dealt with effectively by building employment, supporting marriage, building incentives. The left think that poverty can be dealt with by destroying the privileges of wealth, by getting their money and giving it to the poor, and rebalancing family life in favour of single parenthood.

The problem for the left is that once their ideas are written down, they don’t actually make sense, or work. As a result they prefer the spoken word, the tribally appealing slogan to a long conversation or any in depth analysis.

The appeal of left wing politics to the electorate grows in good times, and the appeal of the right wing of politics grows when the left has been managing the country long enough to mess it all up again.

If Cameron wins power he should stay on the right long enough to get the economy going and society working again. That will take two parliaments at least. And then unlike Thatcher who went further right the longer she lasted, he should move to the centre ground to preempt the revival of the destructiveness of the left wing.

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