Were The London/Glasgow Terrorists Stooges?


It seems incredible that three attempted terrorist attacks were so easily dealt with by the security services, and that no one was hurt.

How come the ambulancemen noticed a perfectly legally parked car in the dark when they were already busy attending an incident at the night club? How come the bomb failed to detonate?

How come they found the other car so easily, and that one also failed to detonate?

How come the attack on Glasgow Airport was also foiled and that bomb did not detonate? How come the gas bottles in the Cherokee Jeep did not explode in the intense fire that consumed the vehicle?

Maybe I’ve missed something – but how come this all happened in Gordon Brown’s first week when maybe someone wanted to give him a helping hand to establish his authority?

Perhaps the securty services had penetrated this cell, and decided to activate it, ensuring that the activation would be unlikely to succeed.

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