Sedgefield And Polls Indicate BNP Threat to Labour

’15 of the 16 ballot boxes at Sedgefield were not correctly sealed,’ it was alleged by a BNP supporter speaking from another Constituency.

‘Our canvas returns and the canvas returns of other parties at Sedgefield show that we won about double the number of votes that were counted, and it is strongly supected that the boxes were tampered with.’

‘Our share of the vote could have been as high as 18/20%.’

‘This kind of thing is happening frequently in elections in which the BNP take part. The boxes should be properly sealed, and only opened at the count.’

‘Decisions about formal complaints have not yet been taken. We will keep moving on to the next stage of our campaign.’

If these allegations are true, then the assumptions as to voting share by the other parties all need cutting down by about 8%. Labour’s 44.7% becomes 41.1% (44.7 X .92) from 58.9% at the GE. Conservative share has also fallen from 14.59% to 13.42%. It would suggest that the earlier assessment that almost no BNP votes are coming from Conservatives and Lib Dems are wrong, which makes more sense. However the bulk are presumably coming from Labour, making it a fair estimated assumption that a Labour voter is three times more likely to vote for the BNP than a Conservative or a Lib Dem.

BNP website report..

also see this chart on which shows labour shedding votes to others at 5 X the rate of Lib Dem or Conservative.

This tends to support the observation that the BNP present a threat, particularly to labour’s vote.

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