Roger Scruton Credits The Culture Of Jealousy

New Culture Forum – How did we end up in a position where being conservative is seen as the enemy of creativity?

Roger Scruton: Largely through ignorance. Conservatives believe that it is easier to destroy than to create; leftists try to persuade us that destruction (which they are good at) is really a kind of creation, since creation lies outside their power. This is something that George Orwell perceived clearly, even though (for reasons known only to himself) he always called himself a man of the left.

Tapestry (my comment): Propaganda is the cause, and only propaganda. Leftists need to pin all kinds of negative labels on conservatives. They cannot find much, because conservative policies work. So they look around for something else to beat conservatives with. So ‘uncultured’ comes into play.

Artists are usually dependent on state handouts or support in one form or another, so it is easy enough to create a world view for them which portrays those fools who pay all the bills as some kind of inferior beings, who don’t understand or appreciate the intricacies of the superior intellects of artistic talents.

The notions of leftism are emotionally appealing to all who are dependent on others. The providers of society don’t understand why those they support, are so resentful against them, but it is merely human nature – to resent those who provide you with what you need, if you cannot repay in equal coin or measure of some kind, or at least have no intention of doing even if you could.

The leftist cultural snobbery is just hysterical. Most successful artists are conservatives. Most businessmen have cultural lives – and businesses cannot compete unless they have vibrant cultures with cooperative and highly creative elements. In fact in my life I have found far more meaningful culture in the workplace than I have in the theatre.

I love the theatre, art, opera, music of all kinds, writing – both watching and performing myself. It’s time that the left wing intellectuals packed up their misplaced snobbery. Really it’s laughable. Scruton is talking highly-paid nonsense. The Left speaks the the culture of organised jealousy. There’s no point in engaging with it. Just move on.

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