Quentin Brown Nose Must Be Rewarded By Gordon Frown

Quentin Davies MP gives his reasons for crossing the floor of the house.

Give This man A Peerage – and then send him to the opticians, followed by a course of psychiatry.

Labour have wrecked the economy, allowed 5 million to remain idle on state handouts while 5 million otherwise unneeded immigrants have poured in to replace them, including a few terrorist cells, who we cannot touch courtesy of Labour’s Human Rights Laws.

The load of all Frown’s tax credits is stopping many working families from trying too hard to work much at all. His pensions policies have condemned millions to poverty in old age.

Overtaxed Individuals and companies are fast heading for the exit as our streets fill with violent criminals who should be in jail but Frown hasn’t got any money left to fund prisons. Our troops are underprovided while they fight to protect us from terrorist regimes, for the same reason.

Quentin Brown Nose is nosing and licking Frown’s anal regions so assiduously, that Frown won’t need to change his underwear for many months. Surely a peerage is much deserved here if not an upgrade to The Order Of The Stool, an ancient and honourable traditional title which should be dusted down and recreated by Frown to celebrate this titillating relationship which Frown is enjoying with his favourite Brown Noser. How about the title ‘ Lord Davies Of The Brown Stool’?

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