Murdoch Goes For Cameron’s Jugular

Murdoch’s Press is now out to finish off David Cameron’s leadership of the Conservatives. Cameron’s standing up to the EU Constitution, which was not in the script when he won total media backing to get the Party leadership. He was meant to be the ‘next Blair’ who would trade all for personal ambition.

But Cameron’s turning out to be far more subtle than Murdoch realised. Murdoch’s the EU’s main agent in Britain – ensuring all political leaders that win power are committed to the cause of ‘ever closer union’. Murdoch assassinated IDS. His next victim he believes will be Cameron. Read Stephan Shakespeare. Hague the Bildeberger is the planned replacement. The power of the media in the UK is our biggest problem.

Murdoch must be broken up if Britain is to survive. The EU are furious with Cameron for standing up against them. How Dare He? Murdoch’s getting ready to spill blood again on the EU’s behalf.

Why don’t his American Republican financiers work on Murdoch a bit? The USA doesn’t want a Union of Soviet European Regions – The USER.

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