Labour’s Frightened Little Mouse

Brown is Prime Minister for a week, and it’s immediately obvious he has no leadership qualities. Labour have backed a lemon – out of cowardice. Blair told them to take a risk and push forward some candidates, but Jack Straw decided it wasn’t worth it having Brown’s knife in his back for five years or more. The truth is Blair should have sacked Brown a long while ago. It is Blair’s cowardice that has put Labour in this mess.

Maybe Blair secretly will be delighted for everyone to see now what a hopeless frightened little man Gordon Brown really is. He’s had Gordon’s knife in his back for 14 years – and he’s used this narrative as a news blanket all through his Premiership to cover up all his failures. It’s fooled everyone from Rupert Murdoch who’s been praising Gordon Brown’s intellect for year after year despite the lack of any evidence, to most political commentators who imagined a strongman – a Stalin – not a frightyened little mouse.

The truth is Brown is nothing without Blair. Blair tried to tell them, but they weren’t listening. There must be some pleasure for Blair now in seeing Brown hang himself in the Commons. We thought Ming was a lemon. Even Ming looks good now!!!

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