Cameron takes On the Union of Subservient European Regions

Why is Clarke speaking out pro-U.S.E.R on the BBC?

Because he’s got the backing of Murdoch and the BBC. As Stephan Shakespeare suggests in his column, Murdoch is seeking Cameron’s replacement with Bildeberger Hague who would be USER-compliant. (Union of Subservient European Regions).

The reason the media catapulted Cameron ahead of Liam Fox to win the Party leadership was not because he would put up such a contest against the USER Constitution. They thought he would be the next Blair – tradeable to sell Britain down the river.

The only people who can get rid of Ken Clarke are his Constituents in Rushcliffe. Cameron doesn’t have Hague’s support to ditch Clarke. If he tried, the media would move to assassinate him as they did IDS and Thatcher before him.

Cameron’s demise is already being demanded by the USER. Murdoch is hoping to deliver it in favour of William Hague.

Cameron must stand firm, and somehow Conservative Constituents must wake up and kick out the USERphiles. Cameron’s not being a traitor has shocked Murdoch and the USER. they thought he would roll over and agree to anything in return for good media, like Blair.

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