ICM Guardian: ‘Yes We Lied Big To Hurt Cameron While He Was Down’

From a PB Blog – ‘There are some corrections to their reporting in today’s Guardian:

“A chart showing David Cameron’s personal rating in a Guardian/ICM poll (front page, yesterday) contained several mistakes. It did not include those voters who said they liked both David Cameron and the Conservative party, and muddled some other figures. The correct figures are: likes Cameron, but not the party, 18%; likes Cameron and the party, 25%; doesn’t like Cameron, but does like the party, 26%; don’t know, 26%. Five per cent refused to answer. Voters were not asked if they did not like both Cameron and the party. We did not make clear that the chart showed figures for all voters, not just Conservative voters.”

Some fairly major errors there, but at least they have clarified them, including the main issue identified above – that there was no possible answer for those who did not like both the leader and the party.’

The lesson is clear. You cannot trust ICM Guardian.

So far they are the only poll to give Labour a substantial poll lead.

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