Gordon’s Barking

Cameron should have known that there were going to be floods. They happen like clockwork every sixty years. 1947 was the last time. Surely he realised these ones would be coming in 2007. What a useless leader of the Conservative Party. If I was an MP, I’d immediately write to the 1922 committee, and demand a leader who at least knows the long range weather forecast – especially when the meteorological office doesn’t. I mean. What are politicians for?

BBC Website Headline – Tories to fight for referendum on EU Constitution. So why do they interview Nigel Farage? Is he a Tory? Cameron should call the BBC immediately, and explain that UKIP are a Brussels embezzling, drinking and whoring operation.

UKIP only just beat the Monster Raving Luny Party at Southall. Why doesn’t the BBC call the MRLP for a comment on the EU Constitution to provide balance?

Or if they really want to hear something absolutely barking, they should call Gordon Brown.

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