Gordon – Where’s All The Money Gone?


Gordon Brown always used to make great play with his ‘contingency fund’ in the 1990’s, in his ‘prudence’ time. No one even hears any of these words any longer, since Brown lost control of public spending after 2001.

Why did he never say – this is ‘profligacy’ time, when the word ‘prudence’ slipped from his vocabulary -so that people knew the government wouldn’t have any money if an emergency occurred?

The money has all gone, that’s for sure. And the gold and the oil. Where’s the ‘contingency fund’ now, Gordon when we need it?

Labour have become disconnected from reality. We have a genuine natural disaster in what is now Brown’s ‘presidential’ time. It doesn’t fit the narrative, so it doesn’t get media focus. Sorry, Hull, but you picked the wrong moment to become a disaster area.

I understand the stress and pain of floods, as we had them in Shrewsbury where I was living. Everything stops. It’s like a war. People are in despair and misery as their houses, shops, pubs, schools are all taken out in one hit. John Prescott came round doing the ‘we’ll help you’ bit. Walls were built and temporary defences can now be rushed out when the river rises. In those days Gordon hadn’t given all our money away buying election victories, and funding the EU.

My advice is to call Prince Charles and ask him to come there and refuse to move until Gordon Brown puts in a personal appearance. The Queen will mention the situation at her weekly meeting with Gordon, and maybe the media will switch focus away from Al Quaeda. Start your campaign now.

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