Gordon Brown Can’t Cope

Just watched PMQ’s. Ming actually looks good now. Against Blair, no chance, but against Brown, he does well. I thought the ‘trap door’ comment flummoxed Brown and he looked upset by it. Ming seemed relaxed and capable.

Cameron on the other hand is so far ahead of Brown as a debater that it almost like he was Brown’s boss giving him instructions. It’s not that Brown’s nervous that matters. It’s that he’s not good at the job. He really doesn’t know how to work PMQ’s in a most fundamental way.

If he is asked a particular question of detail, he tries to answer it with a generalisation, a reference to how he is going about the subject maybe, or to ‘our country’ or the ‘British people’ – and it’s only once he’s got the talk back into woolly generalisations he seems to relax.

He’s continually trying to coax his questioners away from tackling him publicly and repeats over and over that he’ll meet them to discuss this all later on (in private) as if that’s somehow better than exposing the debate in the House, which he clearly hates.

When he knows a bit about something – the Childline part – he pours out masses of detail as if that’s meant to impress everyone with how much he knows. He gives far too much detail in his answers.

It’s as if he’s not quite sure which bit of detail is the one that counts so he tries giving you the lot, and then goes for his crescendo of ‘magnificent job’ ‘British people’ ‘strong steadfast’ blah blah blah.

The poor guy really has no idea, and hates being seen out of control when he’s built up so much expectation. He knows he’s not good enough, and it shows, but he thinks he can somehow make Parliament go away and he can shine in other fora – like the media maybe or in private negotiations where he feels powerful again and in control.

Blair warned that he is a clunking fist – no jusdgement, no finesse. We know he’s cack-handed after seeing him operate as Chancellor making British tax the most complicated system anywhere in the world. How the hell did he end up as PM?

His own side look miserable apart from Quentin Davies who manages to maintain a supercilious smile as his new hero crumbles a few rows in front. Quentin seems to like failure. It’s what he’s used to!

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