Floods Expose Labour’s destruction Of Democracy


Trying to get archbishops to make flooding into a banner for socialism is pathetic. Floods hit young, old, rich, poor alike – and insurance and debt affect everyone. The poor presumably rent and can get out more easily. If they own a house, are they poor?

This is typical media news management trying to get a narrative about the floods which suits Gordon Brown. He sees the politics of floods before he sees the human problem. That’s why it’s taken him so long to engage with the situation.

It’s taken these thickos a week to work out how to tackle this in the media, and train Gordon what his lines should be.

The real issue isn’t socialism. It’s that Labour haven’t done anything about planning for flood defences even though floods have been predicted for years. Labour are building in flood plains across the country as we know. The warnings are broadcast frequently.

That’s the real question.

How come nothing’s been done?

Is the answer the corruption that pervades government now, with local democracy neutralised by Prescott? Who is there to battle powerful interest groups that make billions by building on flood plains? Prescott? Don’t make me laugh. What does he care about? Money – we are told.

Labour want you to think about the socialism of floods. Well think about Labour’s own role for once – not their poxy narrative. They’ve been in power since 1997. The old stuff about ‘it’s the Tories yer know’ don’t wash any more. Labour have destroyed local democracy by neutralising councils so they can promote their regionalisation programme. That’s the story that must not come out. So they go for good old socialism, and get a bishop to start the narrative for them.

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