The EU Killing Machine

British Trading Standards have invariably found that when EU regulations have replaced original British, the standards are lower. e.g. many children are killed by washing machines now since we had to change to EU standards. Many lorry wheels detatch and kill people on our roads as the EU standard is not as good as the British one used to be – which worked well. There are countless similar exmaples – where we have had to go down to the levels which are in practice in Italy say or Spain as they refused to upgrade to the levels we used to enjoy. You will never read one word in the media about it. All the deaths are pinned on the operator or the installer as a rule, which of course is grossly unfair.

The EU is a juggernaut. That’s why we have agreed to kill and maim hundreds of our citizens every year, and then blame it on ourselves.

I don’t think we like our country now as it has become inside the EU. Everything’s going crap and we need to get it back and into some kind of shape. The non-comprehending Irish have a stronger culture than we do – rural and Catholic – and they have been able to maintain some kind of civil society despite the EU onslaught. In Britain we have not. Our society is literally broken.

We don’t like our country any more, but we still love it – as you love your family. We have no choice. But we do have a choice about the EU.

Gordon Brown is only the latest traitor to our country, as he wraps himself stealthily in our flag. We don’t only want a referendum. We need to get out of the EU completely. Cameron must keep up the trickle of resistance so that we can hope for a better life once more. Our misery has gone on long enough.

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