Deselect The Europhiles – NOW!!!

Bercow was obviously batting for the other side under IDS. He was the one in the media attacking IDS on a daily basis in support of Portillo when Portillo attempted his failed coup in February 2003. Portillo’s also a mate of Mandelson. It’s not called the ‘gay mafia’ for nothing, and every one a europhile.

As far as I know Quentin Davies only has a traditionally gay kind of name.

The lesson for all Conservative Constituencies is clear. If your MP is a Europhile, deselect them before the next election. Or they will deselect you after it.

Patrick Cormack must go and any others, Bromley, up to and including the lovely Ken Clarke, at Rushcliffe.

I have nothing against gays I might add and many excellent eurosceptics are also gay, although it seems that gayness and treachery can on rare occasions be close relatives judging by the Cambridge lot who supplied our nuclear secrets to Moscow, and now we have the Portillista gang like Bercow.

I do have a lot against Europhiles though, hanging around in the Conservative Party wrecking Cameron’s pitch.

In the end of the day it is Constituencies who elect MPs and they should take more trouble to deselect them when they know they have a wrong’un. Quentin Davies’ constituency discussed deselection and held back. What a mistake that was.

Any europhiles who’ve slipped through the net under Frances Maude should also be dealt with – Battersea being a notable example.

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