Cornerstone Are Loyal To Cameron

Those who think that the Cornerstone are behind the attacks on Cameron, are wrong. The Cornerstone feel that their views on marriage and the broken society are being taken seriously by cameron at last. they would not attack Cameron at any time, and especially at the moment he has started to back their ideas.

Cameron is copping it from the USERphiles – who are furious he is standing firm against the USER Constitution. He is allowed to make eurosceptic noises, but not really put up a fight in the USER manner as perfected by hague.

See Portillo today in Sunday Times.
‘Cameron’s mentioned the Government’s refusal to consult the people on that treaty (the USER Constitution) but his heart was not in it. He does not wish to unleash again within his own party the destructive arguments about Europe.’

Talk about a threat. These are the guys behind the threat to Cameron. John Bercow? Probably.

USER – Union of Subservient European Regions.

Source of information about Cornerstone – a Senior Member of Cornerstone.

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