Cameron’s Crisis

In truth it is Britain which is in crisis. We are about to be broken up totally against our will into a group of powerless regions or newly created statelets, where democratic input is minimal. This is still and has always been a stealth programme, now in the hands of the stealth Prime Minister.

The Constitution is merely how they hope to lock the gate and throw away the key, so the chewing up of the meal can really begin.

We are governed 80% from Brussels already even before we are broken up. Parliament is a sham providing no proper scrutiny, but theatre where great Europeans can parade their egos in adoration by the media.

Our elections are becoming substantially rigged with postal vote fraud and ballot box tampering.

If we sit back for a few seconds and take it all on board, we are actually lost right now, and it will take a very determined programme from somewhere to put things back where they should be.

The law cannot defend private citizens from violent crime. Educational standards are plummeting. There is no respect for or fear of authority anywhere. The only question is who has the strength or determination to stop this process rotting us away.

David Cameron certainly has the right instincts and many polices to put Britain’s broken society back together, but how will he ever achieve anything if he cannot first put power and democratic accountability back where it belongs in Parliament and away for Brussels and its latest gauleiter Gordon Brown.

He is completely compromised by the europhile rump in the Conservative Party like Ken Clarke, John Bercow and as was a few Quentin Davies’ and to a lesser extent William Hague, who doesn’t seem to get the urgency of the crisis..

Cameron is 100% dependent on the media to present him to the voters, which is why so much effort has gone into pretending to be Blair-like and so on. He has succeeded in making the media like him, which is a valuable achievement but it has been at the expense of the belief of the majority of his own supporters. This ‘positioning’ process of media engagement has to ease up now or it will bring about the end of his term as leader from within the party. There is no choice. The media cannot be the total priority any longer.

So where to next?

The answer is that he must open up non-media channels – increase internet use – and communicate to voters directly as small parties do. First Cameron will have to consolidate the core range of policies which excite his own supporters and which excite other potential electors. Then a programme of regular door to door leafleting, postering must be embarked upon nationally. Conservative supporters must engage in a weight loss programme by forming an army to bypass the main media to ensure the message gets delivered, wearing out shoe leather.

The in-house rump of Europhiles must be shuffled off. It is really the job of their Constituents to push out the likes of Ken Clarke. Rushcliffe have tried deselection against him before, but he dodged it. It won’t keep him out of the media but it will mean that Cameron doesn’t have to bother as much about his effects.

Cameron must then promote those within the Party who are serious about the issues, and not the best media image creators as advocated constantly by Iain Dale and the like. The Tim Montgomerie seriousness should be allowed to predominate, the Cornerstone, John Hayes, John Redwood and IDS.

How long has Cameron got?

Brown will go to the country next May at the earliest. He seems to be more concerned with other political threats right now as much as the Conservatives and Lib Dems, swinging away from permissiveness and towards pseudo-authoritarianism and (false) nationalism. He is seeing canvas returns showing support for the BNP is at levels which must be concerning him, judging by his language. Unless the Conservatives move into the slot and provide a much more hardline version of Conservatism – not as rhetoric or tone – but as policies – we will be outflanked on the right by Brown as he tries to see off the threat to his vote by the BNP.

Brown’s talking of ‘British jobs for British people’ and ‘repatriating 4000 illegal immigrants’. He’s cancelled the casinos, is raising the stakes on cannabis and wanting to tackle antisocial behaviour.

Apart from the casino policy which is effective, the others are going to be all talk unless there is major alteration to the criminal justice system sufficient to bring fear and respect back into our society. That won’t be possible inside the EU. Britain has reached a crisis point. For the first time the EU drift is coming up against strong fast-growing resistance. The Party that delivers the end of the EU and repairs Britain will be the one to hold power. There is no reason why that should not be the Conservatives. It certainly won’t be Labour or the Lib Dems. If we fail, there is little doubt that the resistance will move across and grow faster in previously minor parties.

I think we have 6 months to reset the trend. I have no doubt that Cameron has the seriousness of purpose. But will he be able to be more than a one trick pony? He knows the media game. Can he impose authority? There are the people inside the Party who could help him, but will he turn to the right ones?

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