Cameron Will Survive Floodgate

Brown’s policy declarations such as British jobs for British people, deport illegal immigrants etc demonstrate that he is more than aware of how much his vote is threatened by the BNP. If he had any doubts before, he will now be certain after Sedgefield that the BNP will take 5% from him, and could possibly take 10% by the time of an election. The BNP are operating in 500 Constituencies now.

The Guardian today say that Brown’s earliest date for a GE will be May 2008. By then the new BNP branches will be in their second years and bedding in.

The polls don’t take the BNP into account all putting ‘others’ at around 9-11%. For some reason they have decided to ignore the BNP factor. It is impossible to get any comment on the BNP from any Labour commentator. They simply don’t exist except at the ballot box. It is extraordinary that polling organisations are going along with the policy id denying the vote size of the BNP.

The primary purpose of the polls being ‘adjusted’ recently seem to be to reinforce the assassination attempt on david cameron, which is coming across all media – BBC, Murdoch, even the Mail. It seems to be a coordinated attempt to get Cameron, matching the one launched against IDS in 2003. Betysygate then is Floodgate now. Both poppycock but effective, except cameron looks like he’ll survive with ease, unlike IDS.

The price of standing up against the EU is, it appears a coordinated assault from all media.

It is extraordinary how well Cameron’s support is holding up at 32% given what’s coming at him right now.

He’ll make it. But he should communicate about the EU to voters through door to door leaflet and not through the main media, which has lost all ability to see events in a calm balanced manner, and will focus on remorsely attacking Cameron for being xenophobic etc if he tries to stop the EU Constitution.

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