Better A Bonking Boris Than Shagger Norris

The Brown era is in danger of becoming the dullest in the country’s history.

There would be a good cure for that.

BJ as Mayor!

It would require a little bit of growing up here and there.

also Don’t ever go to

Liverpool, Boris

. They haven’t got over it yet.

But what the hell. Your CV needs another badge.

Cabinet promotion would not be on, and there is no badge better than the mayor of London.

Livingstone has exported the job of Mayor into another reality, separate from mainline politics.

One step removed – like the editorship of the Spectator. It’s made for you, Boris.

Brown wants to end the culture of celebrity.

He has to be stopped.

Boris Johnson For Mayor.

If you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life. Ken Livingstone’s killing us all.

OK Shagger Norris is so called by many. But it’s Bonking Boris, not Shagger Boris. Those who are trying to rhyme the two top Tory candiates, Shagger Norris with Shagger Boris (Guido) are wrong. There is a subtle difference you know. A Bonker has more class than a shagger.

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