Brown Bounce Never Existed

Labour must be worried. The Brown bounce which was flagged as a 9% lead by YouGov, the internet polling organisation, looks as if it might all be hot air. The ‘bounce’ been the big media narrative for July whereby all stories that undercut the narrative get ignored, and all stories which reinforce the narrative get a boost.

It is beginning to look like it could all be imaginary.

The first evidence for this came at Sedgefield where Labour’s vote right in the middle of the supposed bounce fell from 59% to 44% or maybe even 41% if the ballot box tampering allegations prove to be correct.

Then the poll from ICM which only featured those who actually voted in the 2005GE showed that Labour are losing support amongst definite voters at twice the rate they are gaining., and Cameron is gainig support at twice the rate he is losing.

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