Boris Is A Risk – But A Good Risk

Yes Polly – no doubt mostly correct although the charge sheet summary stretches the evidence accumulated further than it is capable of going by a wide margin. LIverpool would agree with you, however. They will never forgive Boris Johnson up there.,,2127918,00.html

The key to Boris in London and in fact politics in general is the nation’s current collapse of leadership. It’s not simply a calculation as to what Boris will do himself. Can Boris inspire and lead, and manage others? That is the main question which needs answering.

Government by directive is imposed from all sides nowadays from USER – the Union of Servile European Regions, Nulab and from bureaucracy’s greatest friend, Cuddly Ken. The absence of leadership by example, of inspiration, where other agents not governments have the confidence to build, create, invest is now a gaping void. Polly Toynbee, typical of a NuLab acolyte does even know that such qualities exists.

What is the evidence of Boris’ capability of such things? The answer is that it is strong. His management of the Spectator was inspirational to others, and his creativity is undeniable. Yes he is also a risk for Cameron, as Toynbee rightly says but that too is evidence of leadership on Cameron’s part – the willingness to take one. labour will not be defeated in safety and comfort, but only by Cameron taking calculated political risks – risk being another concept that under Nulab has slipped from the nation’s vocabulary – other than as a nasty demon to be exorcised by the HSE.

Boris will be a strong contender, and Toynbee’s pen if anything demonstrates more than ever why Boris Johnsons are needed to save Britain from becoming totally boring and incapable of anything than playing it safe…and thereby losing the world leadership which we still have in so many areas. Boris and Cameron could bring calculated risk taking back into fashion. That is the new battlefront.

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