Bees Dying Off Threatens Human Food Supply

My cousins who live in New Zealand called in today at my UK farm to see my old Dad who’s not too good. They are producers of manduka honey over there and they sell it mostly in japan. I asked them what they thought was killing the bees in the USA and in the UK. Their reply was shocking.

British scientists developed a Brassica (cabbage) modified with the Bt gene, known to kill caterpillars and moths.

The scientists were quoted – ‘In research done so far, we have found that if you feed the Bt brassicas to diamond-back moth and cabbage white caterpillars they all die within 48 hours, leaving the plant virtually undamaged. If the caterpillars are killed before they reach maturity and breed, then resistance does not develop.’

Unfortunately the dumbos didn’t imagine the obvious. If it kills moths and caterpillars, maybe it will kill other insects. It appears now, (although many disagree with my cousin’s theory), that it is killing off the whole population of bees in the USA, which could lead on to mass starvation, if the process is not reversed. The plant Bt Brassica is being widely grown and bees are dying across the world in their billions.

Bees are essential to the production of one third of human food directly through their role in fertilising crops. They are also essential to the feed production of animals that make up another one third of our diet. This most vital process to human survival is threatened by the careless modification of foods carried out by scientists thinking in only one box at a time.

This is exactly what was forecast to happen by many people. You cannot trust governments and scientists to work responsibly. The fiasco is being kept out of all media cross the west as the threat is so severe to the survival of the human race that no one dares to report it. The News Channels are being asked to report the story of the collpase of the bee population, but to blame it on other causes, none of which are capable of explaining the sudden extermination that is happening.

I heard a radio programme on this in the UK recently. There was no mention of any possible connection Genetically Modified crops. Have the scientists done us in good and proper this time?

My cousins’ view from the bee-keeping world was that honey produced from bt Brassica plants was not touched by other bees or the moths which normally guzzle the honey once bees had died or abandonned a hive. This is most unusual as moths especially normally pile into a deserted hive for the free pickings. The genetically modified plants clearly are highly toxic to bees and moths as well as caterpillars. Something needs to be done urgently, if bees are to survive this toxic intervention in nature.

UPDATE – A possible explanation – July 2008 – HERE

For a more scientific explanation of the subject, click

Humans Suffer From The Toxic Environment Too

Something seems to be suppressing the bees’ immune systems, as they are suffering from multiple pathogens. What is the root cause? No one knows yet, it seems, but the media are definitely not mentioning the possibility that genetically modified crops might be a factor. That would place governments in an embarrassing position – to question the wisdom of their interventions. That would never do. Once insects start to die, human should take note – not just becasue our food will disappear with bees dying off. But we too have immune systems which are vulnerable to toxic substances and chemicals.

For 3 million years our species has lived on this planet in mostly clean surroundings. Only in the last 50/60 years have so many chemicals been released into our environemnt. Each one places a toxic load on our nervous and immune systems. Many unexplained increases in our morbidity – cancer, Parkinsons, Alzheimers could be ascribed to this fact – and falling levels of fertility.

The chemicals are entering our bodies in increasing quantities. The way that humans excrete toxic substances – sweating through the skin – is also much reduced compared to past times. Many people find that regular Infra Red saunas are helping to improve their general health.

Last year I was diagnosed as having a high level of Dichlorobenzene which was interfering with my DNA especially blocking my Oxidant processing capacity, and ruining my autonomic nervous system. I would often sleep 12 hours after playing any sport. My heartbeat was bad with atrial fibrillation attacks which landed me in hospital, being scooped up off the floor and resuscitated. My stomach had a severe yeast dysbiosis as I could not digest any nutrients. MY condition was going gradually worse, and I did not have much hope.

I was given chelation intravenously, Ethyl Diamide Tetra Acetate to pull out metals and chemicals from my body and I was told to increase my sweating. I went to Manila, Philippines and saunaed every day for six months in an Infra Red Sauna. A year later and the same tests show a big reduction in the toxins in my body. I am back playing sport. My heart is better and my stomach is better too, especially if I eat raw garlic regularly. Unfortunately I have fibrous growths in my hands and feet which are inhibiting some of my earlier movements. But never mind. My quality of life is greatly improved on what it was in the previous few years, and I hope to live a bit longer too.

While in Manila I had all the mercury taken out of my teeth and had loads of dentistry. It took 5 months in the dentist’s chair every week. My mercury and lead levels have fallen from 25/31 to 7/8 and this makes it easier for my nervous system to recover acording to the doctors at the Breakspear Hospital, Hemel Hempstead, London.

Te funny thing about illness being caused by our toxic environment is that it is not acknowledged by the NHS in Britain. Once you have something which your GP cannot diagnose, you are more or less discarded and told there is nothing worng with you and that you are suffering from depression. For the millions of humans affected by toxic environments there are pathetically few doctors working in this field anywhere in the world.

Another way that toxins hurt us is that our immune systems don’t recognise chemicals in our bodies. They just know that something is wrong and they start to look around for something to attack. The problem is that they begin to attack safe things like food, and so our bodies start to waste energy and resources fighting things like milk or wheat etc instead of the real enemies which our immune systems are not trained to deal with. I had allergy suppressing injections for six months as I was reacting against many foods. These helped me a lot as well.

We will no doubt be hearing more depressing news about our own health, our enviroment and collapse of vulnerable species in future. We need to educate ourselves a whole lot more if we are to survive into the future.

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