Wakey Wakey America

America might be a little bit more alert about the Constitution Treaty than they were at the time of the Nice Treaty in 2001. Pre 9/11 America had no idea or interest outside its borders. Europe was only of mild interest as a holiday destination.

Now it is the greatest potential threat to the stability of America’s world, not just because Europe harbours terrorists that desire America harm. The EU itself, en bloc would set itself in competition with the USA as its number 1 objective. Judging by US channel news reports, they are at last awake to the threat.

They could start work in Ireland and encourage the Irish to remember the ancient loyalties between Ireland and America, and persuade the Irish to reject the Treaty.

Failing that, they could strong arm Rupert Murdoch and threaten him with the loss of his precious FIX, sorry FOX TV. Murdoch is subject to EU competition laws and acts as the main manipulator of EU power in Britain to ensure they leave him alone to make billions from TV sport – never mind the headlines in The Sun.

Murdoch backed Blair all the way, and he’s backing Brown now. The USA must surely realise that they need to twist Murdoch’s arm up his back harder than the EU is doing if they want the Constitution buried.

Other than that, once the EU acquires the statehood it desires, the USA might as well accept that there is trouble ahead, and it will have to fall into line behind Brussels, and face humiliation.

I am sure America is not sleeping this time, and she will fight to stop Merkel and Sarkozy. It’s not too late, just nearly too late.

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