Portillo Misses Target

Portillo’s article could have been written for him by someone else. It’s his traditional theme. Conservatives are not electable because they are divided on Europe, and extreme. Are we?

We don’t want the Euro. Neither does Britain.

We don’t want the Constitution. Neither does Britain.

many Conservatives want withdrawal from the EU. But that issue is not yet in the debate.

On the issue which is current, do we want Britain signed up to the Constitution, Conservative policies are far more representative of the public at large than Blair’s desperate sucking up to Sakozy hoping for a big job. The public would be reassured to hear a deabte from the Conservatives on this issue, as they hate the way Blair has signed away power to Europe and to Bush in the lasr few years.

Portillo needs to get up to speed. In 2001 the public had no real idea that the EU signified an and of national sovereignty, and most were only worried about losing the £. Many still do not know that the EU is an organistion which will end Parliamentary sovereignty. But the majority of voters in 2007 are aware that the EU is the reason we have so little authority left in Westminster.

The public are now ready for a debate. Cameron should give them one.

Wild-eyed Eurosceptics may torpedo the Tories again

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