Mail Misrepresents Brown’s Words

Mail article details show that Brown has yet to decide whether to allow Britain to have a referendum on Europe – so why the title ‘Brown To Allow UK To Have A Referendum On Europe.’?

The Mail is playing around with semantics. Brown has not promised a referendum. He is posturing.

Osborne is reported as saying referendum ‘if’ powers are to be transferred by the ‘treaty’. If he really did use these words, why the ‘if’ and why limited to this ‘treaty’?

Cameron clearly said that before any powers are to be transferred to Brussels, there should be a referendum. His speech yesterday taunted Gordon Brown saying he would not even commit to a referendum on the EU Constitution.



The British people will have a clear choice. A choice between two

different visions of society. A choice between two different approaches to running the

country. And a choice between the old and the new politics. Us against Gordon Brown……

Very soon, the real battle in British politics will begin. Tony’s going, and the phoney
His answer to crime, his

answer to education, his answer to everything – is a top-down government scheme.

Whatever the issue, whatever the challenge, whatever the circumstances, under Gordon

Brown all we’ll get is “he knows best” politics, as he sits as his desk expecting a grateful

nation to wait with bated breath for the latest master-plan to emerge.

He won’t even

commit to giving the British people a say over the EU constitution.’

PS – the rest of Europe wants a referendum too.

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