King Gordon The First

Those who run political parties are beginning to look for safety. Blair wants a shiny job in Brussels. Brown and Ming want to stop opposing each other.

They can all see that once the Constitreaty is signed, the game’s over anyway so they might as well all hang up their weapons and get together for a nice easy run while Brussels takes over.

Do they need voters any more? Not really. They can orchestrate the outcomes they desire with the media alone.

Cameron’s not playing to the corruption system. He doesn’t quite fit in with the back-scratching ways. He won’t attend EPP meetings. He missed Murdoch’s annual bash. But he’s no threat. With the LD’s and Lab finally admitting publicly that they are in fact an anti-Tory alliance, the chances for Cameron are over.

Gordon could retire to Buckingham Palace. He might as well fire the Monarchy next.

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