Ken Clarke Must Wait Outside Headmaster’s Study

The media is in full cry trying to slide the EU Constitution past the noses of the people, and puff up Gordon Brown, the man selected to perform their final act of treachery. Which names would you expect to be at the forefront – Portillo? yes. Ken Clarke? yes.

The Portillo critique is pantomime, straight from Bruce Forsyth’s The Generation Game. ‘Modernise more, modernise more – not that much.’ Portillo’s starting to look and sound dated, which is quite comical for a professed moderniser. It would be nice to take him seriously, but who does?

Ken Clarke’s brilliance is combined with his usual appalling inattention to detail. He needs a damned good thrashing. He’d look perfect in 1930’s school cap, short trousers and a blazer wouldn’t he, combined with cheeky grin. ‘Just William’ springs to mind.

If these two jokers are the worst the media can find to throw at us, then we can get straight back to the serious business. Hague’s impressing me no end.

Cameron should let the media do their worst, not rush out and lower himself to responding to such nonsense. He will pick his moment, once all the Brown ballyhoo starts to tire. Knowing Gordon Brown, he won’t have long to wait.

Posted by: Tapestry | June 24, 2007 at 11:35

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