I Predicted Harman (Modestly)

MY POST ON JUNE 15th On Politicalbetting.com – How secure is the postal voting system being used? If it’s anything like the general election system, there will be plenty of opportunity for someone to rig the process to bring the ‘required’ result.

What would Broon’s desired result be? Hilary Benn possibly. No possible threat to Broon as a future leader, and another one who’s keen to hand billions over to African dictators like Broon himself. Johnson’s not going to be Broon’s choice as he might become a threat and he’s known to be Blairite. The other possible winner in a rigged vote would be Harriet Harman. Broon would not feel threatened by her, and he’d look good having a woman alongside. Ignoring the genuine voting, and imagining that the whole thing’s going to rigged anyway, it looks like Harman.

by Tapestry June 15th, 2007 at 10:25 am on Politicalbetting

and now she’s won the Labour party Deputy Leadership on a wafer thin victory. It’s a classic fiddled election result like France’s referendum on the Euro. How many elections across Eurpe now smell of fixing? Sarkozy? Merkel especially? apparently by one seat. Funny how the most pro-Euro ones win every time. Europe is a post-democracy, a pseudo-democracy – run and controlled through the media – a mediocracy.

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