Gordon On The Politics Show

Brown on The Politics Show – now

Q. Are you going to have a deputy prime minister?

A. That’s up to me.

Q. The Deputy Leadership Contest looked like a leap to the left.

A. All must support the manifesto of our party…we must honour our manifesto.

No comeback from interviewer that a referendum was promised in the Labour Party manifesto.

Q. Europe?

A. I’ve read the detail from Brussels. All our 4 red lines have been achieved. In these areas we are properly protected as a country.

Q. will there be a referendum?

A. because we’ve achieved all 4 red lines, the public would not expect a referendum.

Q. Hague says you have no mandate to agree the Treaty.

A. He would say that wouldn’t he. The effects people are claiming are not true.

Q. Qualified Majority Voting.

A. We’ve asked for QMV in certain areas. It’s not a constitution. It’s an amending treaty. Our negotiations have been successful.
We’ve met our red line negotiating objectives.

Q. will Blair become Bush’s middle east envoy?

A. lots of words meaning YES.

Q. how will you personally change in the way you deal with your colleagues.

A. you have to bring people together. you have to reach out, build a shared sense of national purpose. education. science. innovation. build a national consensus.

GORDON, 85% of your people want a referendum on the Constitution. A majority of MPs want one. How will you achieve national consensus from the 15% who don’t care about Europe?

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