Gordon Brown’s Loneliness

Losing Tony is a big blow to Gordon. Yes he pulverised him on a weekly basis, and raged at him for 14 years, but Gordon’s human too and needs individuals who can cope with constant and regular abuse to keep him happy. Ashdown rejected him. Alan Sugar, the biggest abuser on TV, and who makes Simon Cowell seem like Mother T, has now rejected Gordon too. Is there anyone else out there wo could help?

ITV are launching a new reality TV show in the summer, competing with ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ to find the ideal partner for Gordon our psycho Prime Minister. Gordon Brown deserves to be happy as much as any other human being.

Here’s his latest ad from a lonely hearts column, submitted secretly but you can tell who it easily enough. Can you please help Gordon. He’s a heart of gold underneath. It just needs someone with a kind heart and he’ll work out just fine.
‘lonely megalomaniac seeks partner, who possesses easy way with people, is good with media, and who enjoys continual abuse and fits of jealous rage. GSOH essential, and an ability to give and take – well a lot more give than take actually. rewards will be considerable for anyone who can cope working with this psycho. Please write in confidence to ‘Gordon’ P.O.Box 10DS
Whitehall, LONDON.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What about Lady T? She’s pretty lonely too. I’m not sure about the sense of humour though.


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