Gentle Cameron Needs A Foil

People moan about lack of policy content. Cameron is ridiculed by Piers Morgan on Question Time for it last night. Time to put some meat into the Cameron sandwich – John Hayes would be suitable…and would reset the tone to a more serious level.

The froth and spin of the A List period was ideal to face Blair – but not to face Brown, and his continuing attempt to slide the Constitution through and break us up into regions without democratic reference.

We have our more serious members who have strategic ability at grass roots level which you need as we are moving towards an election footing. John Hayes would reset the tone, just as required. We don’t just need an Iain Dale pleasing reshuffle. The game’s moved on from the light touch of the Blair era, where spin outplayed content. Great clunking fists don’t even notice intelligence and gentility. Hayes has those but also a tougher and determined side – equal to the measure of the Brown fist.

The light touch of Cameron needs a foil. Osborne is light touch. So is Hague. Hayes is a different flavour. He’d be the ideal next Chairman of the Conservative Party.

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