Doubts About Constitution Grow

The Observer celebrates shrilly the Treaty with its headline on page 35 – Europe Finally Unites After Agreeing To Treaty.,,2109970,00.html

In the third column, the tone of celebration is moderated by ‘fears that Sarkozy had suceeded in diluting the EU’s historic commitment to an unfettered free market. Alarm bells the British delegation when it emerged that Merkelhad agreed to drop the EU’s 50 year commitment to promoting ‘undistorted competition’.

Lord Brittan said,’so much capital was devoted to supporting ‘red lines’ for the benefit of Rupert Murdoch that a substantial weakening of competition policy was slipped through that is damaging to Britain.’

This view from a previous EU Commissioner and Europhile is interesting. Lance Price wrote in his Spin Doctor’s Diary that Rupert Murdoch effectively controlled Britain’s relationship with the EU under Blair. This was not expanded on and seemed an almost incredible assertion. But here again in today’s Observer we find the same implication – that Rupert Murdoch controls our negotiations with the EU.

Clearly Gordon Brown is going to allow Murdoch to dictate his European Policy. To achieve a democracy, Rupert Murdoch should be standing for election, not Gordon Brown. Britain is ruled secretly by a dictator who is protecting his media privileges – and the same privileges enable him to exert so much leverage over our political system that he can effectively control it. If you ever doubted this theory, we now have more evidence.

Cameron and Hague will be facing withering fire from Murdoch as they campaign for the referendum, and Brown will be praised to the rafters for pursuing his act of treachery to the politcal system that has promoted him to its pinnacle.

I doubt labour MPs will allow this Murdoch regime to continue further – the same one that pushed Britain into Iraq, and now wants to push Britain into a protectionist corrupt and closed Europe…all just to help Murdoch make money. It’s time they rebelled, and joined forces with Cameron to get Britain out of this pernicious Murdoch-controlling fix.

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