Conservatives – The Far Too Nace Party

Cameron’s light touch, intelligence and gentility are his strength but also his weakness. He need a foil – not as in Osborne and Hague, as they too are the same type.
Blair was airy and light touch but he was surrounded with strong henchmen – Mandelson, Brown, Cherie!, Campbell, Prescott.

You cannot have Camerons surrounded by more and more of the same type.

If Cameron is Blair, where are the Mandelsons, Campbells, Browns, Prescotts? The fighters and detail people.

There are people in Conservative ranks who can put beef in the Cameron sandwich. But they have been marginalised by the modernisation programme.

As this is a turning point, and Cameron sees the need for the ‘and theory’, he needs people who can deliver that strategy. That won’t be done by the same nice friendly enthusiastic bunch. Cameron needs an eccentric or two alongside his own excellent professionalism…not more and more the same which smells of weakness, and can become a boring diet.

John Hayes is my recommendation for Party Chairman with these thoughts in mind. The quilt should be patchwork not monocultural. The problem was at one time being seen as the ‘nasty’ party . Now it’s the far too nace party. It needs to be more real.

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