Cameron – Any Dream Will Do.

Thw worst the commentators have been able to come up with during Grammargame is the ‘Any Dream Will Do’ Cameron in his amazinig technicolour dreamcoat.

It gave all sides a good chuckle.

Interesting though is that it was not a cynical representation. Cameron the young dreamer is a funny but not a wholly unattractive image.

It might even be attractive to voters of other hues that the Consevatives hold genuine policy punch-ups in public, however unintentional, and it might even be good to show the leader losing. He was trying to be the next control freak and copy Blair (the young fool) and he failed.

That is not a negative as far as the public are concerned.

We are all so sick of the control freakery of Labour where all policy comes from No’s 10 or 11, backed by a compliant media, and no one dares step out of line.

The Grammar Game, as it has turned out was not planned by anyone, but it shows the Conservatives genuinely as they are – full of new ideas, some not yet tested, prepared to be different and an inexperienced young idealistic leader, with the media (yet) having no idea where to go.

To the cynical ‘all parties are the same’ comment, we can begin to say, ‘ didn’t you see the row over grammar schools? The Conservatives had a big row over policy – and the leadership lost. (almost) unheard of in any other party for 25 years….’

A primary requirement of local democracy and decentralisation is the end of control by Party Leaders in cahouts with the media – localism is the main policy that Cameron espouses. The centre must weaken, and the line-up of powerful media with No 10/11 must be broken.

Grammargame is the first sign that the Blair/media stranglehold of Britain is ending. What a bloody relief! Brady’s overdoing it, but who cares? Democracy is crawling back to life in Britain, and it feels bloody refreshing (note the part played in the blogs too – that was a big part of what happened in the last two 2.5 weeks!)

Cameron’s been seeking his Clause 4 moment. Grammargame has been Clause 4 in reverse. Just what we all needed, and the COnsewrvatives will be much better for it, and I think more electable.

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