The Brown Terror Begins

The gremlins are out in force on the web today. Probably trying to stifle comment at this sensitive time.

Cameron might do better to hold his fire rather than reshuffling his team to match Brown’s early moves. The Conservatives are all wound up getting ready to play Brown. But he’ll be hiding in his bunker 9 days out of 10, waiting for Cameron to make a move, or events to force his hand, which he will then respond to.

His own side will be in total confusion as to what he’s up to, as he only ever gives out the minimum.

Cameron should play the new game and not carry on as if Blair were still there hoovering up all the limelight. With Brown as PM, limelight wil be going cheap.

It will be like hunting a bear that lives in a cave, which only comes out once every two weeks to give an awful terrifying roar, and then disappears again while the rest of the world wonders what it all meant.

If Cameron can provide a feeling of calm and continuity, that will tend to make people feel they would prefer that living at the mercy of an ursine roar. Less action and initiative, more meaning and reassurance will be at a premium during the Brown Terror.

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