Cometh The Moment, Cometh The Man

The world has split into two. There is the media reality, in which Blair and Brown have conceded 52 new powers to Brussels, in effect terminating the existence of the British state. From all viewpoints, this is all fine and OK and in fact jolly good.

There is the other world that lives quietly in silence in peoples’ minds – the world of thoughts and opinions. This world is not in agreement with the visual, media one. This world has no quick avenue of expression, no way to stop the charge of the powerful, the moneyed organised bureaucratic system that has been over fifty years in its creation.

The only way the powerful will be stopped by the weak, is by a gradual, slow refusal to comply with the Brussels whip. Every day people’s minds will be assaulted with arguments and reasons why Brown must ratify this Constitution, and every day the silent refusal to cooperate must grow in intensity, until it becomes a vocal, formed opinion of strength which can provide the foundations for a political fightback.

This battle will be Cameron’s to fight. He must choose his battleground carefully, and time his thrusts. Cameron has right on his side, but the battlefield looks loaded against him. Goliath must fall to a single slingshot, and the fable of the weak defeating the strong be retold.

Traditionally the British have always loved the underdog. There have been many occasions in our history when the strong have been overpowered by the weak. It’s also the story of humanity. The strong become first powerful, then arrogant and finally vulnerable. Cometh the moment…………

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