Britain Bored To Death

Blair’s signing the Constitution. Brown will ratify it through Parliament. Cameron won’t say much. Goodbye Britain. It’s over.

One of the freest and most creative cultures in the world is condemning itself to a grim and rather sad subjugation, a long slow and painful death. It’s odd that a nation that used to fight wars to stay free, now throws it all away for no obvious reason, and certainly no positive reason. It’s happening purely because the EU freezes our brains by creating a total lack of interest.

A whole country with a 1000 year history ceases to exist because of a lack of interest? The EU is so dull and lifeless that no one wants to know anything about it. If it sent tanks and aircraft and dropped bombs on us, people would react, but boring us to death is working far better. Brits cannot cope with boredom. We respond to humour, to music, to life, to argument, to sport, to animals, to film, theatre, books but not to bureaucracy. They couldn’t outfight us, but it seems they can outbore us very easily indeed.

Our culture has one Achilles heel. We don’t have any way to deal with really boring uninsiring unproductive slimy bastards who sit and say and do nothing. When the EU does produce any of its propaganda, it is so dull and uninspiring Brits yawn and look somewhere else.

Gordon Brown has seen how it works. He knows that all he has to do is to be as dull as it is possible to be, and he can do with Britain exactly as he likes. No one will trouble him.

People can focus on their obsessions – football, house prices, shopping, alcohol, drugs, sex and the rest but Gordon only has to be dull. The history of Britain ends this summer, along with its once vibrant political culture – the eptaph ‘Bored To Death’.

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