Bob Woolmer – The Next Non-Assassinated Person

On the heels of Diana and David Kelly, another mysterious death will leave doubts lingering.

The BBC reports today,

‘But deputy police commissioner Mark Shields told the BBC a later x-ray showed the bone was not broken. ‘ – why not the Police Commissioner himself? Doesn’t he agree with the new version of what happened?

“I instructed my team… to go back and actually retrieve it from his body… We got it x-rayed and the fact is that the bone wasn’t broken in the first place,” he said. – what does the medical knowledge on this say? And are you sure it’s the right bone?

Mr Woolmer’s widow, Gill, welcomed the latest news, saying: “My sons and I are relieved to be officially informed that Bob died of natural causes and that no foul play is suspected in his death.” Yes if you trust the new version. The first version seemed real enough. Do you think they didn’t seek second opinions immediately before making such as erious announcement, threatening the whole wolrd cup?



‘s former captain Imran Khan said he was shocked there was no apology to the national side. all the political pressure could well have forced the Police to rethink their first and probably honest decision

He said


‘s cricket board should sue those responsible for the “humiliation that the

team went through”.

“Bob Woolmer had diabetes, he had blood pressure, an enlarged heart, he had respiratory problems. On top of it, the depression of losing and then he drank a bottle of champagne. They should have first ruled out natural causes before this whole drama about the murder,” Imran Khan said. so what actually killed him then Imran?

The BBC’s Andy Gallacher in


says this is an embarrassing U-turn for the Jamaican police.

He says the news conference was an attempt to shift the blame for the errors in the case onto the report of the original pathologist, Dr Ere Sheshiah. It’s pretty certain that one person who won’t be allowed to comment in public will be Dr Ere Sheshiah. The truth is no longer required, I doubt. The whole thing will be brushed under the carpet as quickly as they can

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