Blair To Join Spice Girls World Tour

Why doesn’t Tony Blair join the Spice Girls in their relaunch world tour? They’re still wrapping themselves in the Union Jack, and were Blair’ big image breakthrough when he rebranded Labour as New Labour, emphasised on Cool Britannia. It would seem natural that just as Blair needs to relaunch his career, he joins forces with the Girls. What fortuitous timing!

If Tony Blair’s new job in the Middle East turns out to be just a bit of window dressing, and he doesn’t get any real political support from America, he might as well promote the image he loved so well, and reconnect with the spirit which defined his era. How about a Bit of Spice to liven up Middle Age, eh Tony? The girls would just love ya!

They should grab the chance of booking Tony before the gloom of the Brown era descends.

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