America Needs To Play Catch-Up

Tapestry, I think you have been given incorrect information about the US. Fox News in the United States is a right of center news channel, and is generally hostile to Europe; dismantling Fox will be a victory for Brussels, not Euroskeptics (the American spelling of that word looks ugly, I’ll admit).
Also, as far as Ireland is concerned, it’s generally pro-EU policy and shameful diplomatic past doesn’t provide much hope that it will be the savior you imagine. JF On Conservativehome
JF, I’m aware of the Fox standpoint. Murdoch is a sly old fox himself. He can run separate strategies in different places in his organisation. In fact he has to do so to disguise his strategies.
He will allow his newspapers to run powerful anti-EU stories, but he will go out of his way to keep the people, who ensure the EU keeps coming, in power, as that is all that matters in the end of the day.
Because he writes anti-EU, people are confused into thinking he has an anti-EU strategy. There is plenty enough evidence that this is a cover-up, and he has made all his progress in monopolising sport TV and holding onto monopolistic media positions by ensuring the various treaties get signed, and their protagonists such as Brown survive in power.
In the US, he will be thought of as a eurosceptic too, but that is where you would be wrong again. For evidence on this read Lance Price – The Spin Doctor;s Diary, who worked for Blair in 10 Downing St. Blair had agreed not to alter his EU policy on any matter without clearing it first with Murdoch.
Leon Brittan, ex-EU Commissioner is quoted this weekend as saying that Blair took more trouble to negotiate so that Rupert Murdoch’s privileges could survive, than he bothered to protect Britain’s economy. And Leon’s a europhile!
The Murdoch position is sufficient to deceive most people in washington, and most people in Britain. If the USA wants to stop the EU Constitution, they must exert leverage on Murdoch one way or another – although it might be a bit late. But that’s who controls the allocation of psoition amond=gst British politicans. So far Parliament has always caved in to his pressure.
Maybe this time, MPs will stand and fight for their survival, but it will help a lot if Murdoch is neutralised. America’s intervention will be essential to achieve this.
Posted by: tapestry | June 25, 2007 at 05:59 PM

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