Trad Tories, Steady Your Nerves Lads!

Toynbee play from Cameron makes him ever more popular – while traditional Tories who don’t realise it’s all a PR game go off in a huff and say they intend to vote UKIP.

It’s not Cameron who needs a Plan B. He’s doing very well. It’s Conservatives who want more traditional policies. They would do better to deselect europhile candidates and MP’s within the Conservative Party than run off to UKIP wastelands. Cameron has shown himself willing to challenge the Europhiles but he will need 100% support from the trads to take them on. If they run off to UKIP, they only delay the inevitable battle and help their enemies. Cameron should not ’sort’ the europhiles until he’s secured power. Any other strategy would be suicidal. Trad Tories should steady their nerve and stay with Cameron.

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