Toynbee Impoverishes Millions

Give people a start in life and some will grab the opportunity and build from there. Others will take what’s on offer and then sit around waiting for the next handout.

In fact, in Britain, about 80% are the latter. Only 20% become the former and get going.

The 80% tend to vote left wing. The 20% right.

The deprivation of the 80% these days is not material. It is mental. The ones who help themselevs and their families feel a strong sense of purpose and self worth. Those who cannot get themselves started as it is made too easy to get by, suffer from low self worth, and no sense of purpose.

The mistake of the left is to focus 100% on money. Toynbee deprives the very people she claims to help. Millions are being needlessly supported by the state. If that support hadn’t been there, they would have had to get going with helping themselves out of necessity. Most would have discovered a wonderful thing that no one thinks about these days – a feeling of self-respect. Toynbee is depriving millions of psychological and social fulfilment. That is the greatest of all poverties – never to feel good about yourself.

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