Shit Happens – But Only In Russia

What an inconvenience Mario Scaramella is turning out to be. If it wasn’t for him, the whole Litvinenko murder could have played easily in the media as an all Russian affair. Russian poison. Russian multi-billionaires. Russian agents. Russian football team mysteriously beating Arsenal, and so on (3 easy chances missed somehow by Arsenal with their normally deadly strike rate).

That’s all fine for the media, though – even rigged football matches. Because it fits the news narrative that the British government wants. The government sends detectives to Moscow. It searches BA jets that flew to Russia. They write and talk endlessly about the collapse in democractic standards in Russia and Russia alone All the documentary evidence – the list of bureaucrats, agents and operatives that Litvinenko showed to Scaramella has not only disappeared (so far as we are told), its whereabouts is not even mentioned – in the media.

I wonder why?

Could it be that it might have pointed to a long list of bureaucrats working for Russian interests, high up in the Italian government, and inside the EU Commission? Surely as Scaramella’s job was to investigate the KGB’s operations in Italy, that would be the information that he would be seeking from Litvinenko.

Litvinenko has spoken to Gerard Batten MEP about the penetration of the KGB into Italy and other European capitals. This is what we are being asked not to think about or imagine by the British media that cannot find any explanation as to why Litvinenko was meeting Mario Scaramella, an Italian – or mention one word that this affair involves any more than just Russia.

Expect more headlines and stories which run along these lines – Litvinenko, Russia, Kremlin, Putin, Poison, Russia. Expect nothing along these lines – Italy, EU, bureaucracy, corruption, murder, poison, treachery, Romano Prodi, The EU Commission, Italy.

The biggest laugh of my day was reading Liam Fox’ s comments that Putin was angry with Blair for allowing Litvinenko’s dying accusations against him to be published. Fox said that this showed that Putin had no understanding of a free press working in a democracy. Maybe Foxy hasn’t noticed, but we are suffering from the same problem. We are being bombarded with a one-sided version of events purely to screen out the bit that matters – the fact that we are in the EU now up to our necks, and that the EU is heavily involved in espionage, corruption and anti-democratic practices. And the British media dares not even look at the situation.

We are living under a big lie in Britain. We are being asked to believe that the EU is a democratic and pure. At least the Russians have no illusions about Putin. They know he’s a total shit. We are the mugs being conned and lied to, living in cloudcuckooland. That’s the problem with the EU. It’s just like the Eurovision song content. Shit never happens in the EU, apparently. Could that be because the whole thing’s shit in the first place?

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