Scaramella Interviewed on British TV

Scaramella was interviewed on Channel 4 news while lying in his hospital bed, speaking passably good English. ‘Did you kill Livinenko?’ they asked him. He looked bemused – genuinely.

There was still no questioning as to what he knows about Litvinenko’s allegations – especially of KGB penetration into the EU. The media are presenting Scaramella as a figure of suspicion. There is much being done to discredit his record. There is no attempt being made to ask him about what he knows. I guess he’s shocked by the amount of discrediting of him going on, and the murder of Litvinenko tends to stop him from splurging what he knows. The media should help and expose as much as they could get him to say. Once the information’s out in the public domain, Scaramella would be much safer. The media are cowardly in not asking any penetrating questions from Scaramella, and in their tendency to treat him with suspicion.

The media have an agenda it appears – to protect the EU from damaging revelations. The easy way to do that is to descredit and not protect one of the few people brave enough to expose what is going on. The media are in reality a deceit – as they love to give the impression that they seek only the truth. In reality they are the ones ensuring the truth is never told.

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