Scaramella Framed


Felshtinsky said: “When I talked to Alexander around 12 November about who poisoned him, we were talking only about the Italian guy Mario. He was sure at this time that it was Mario. He was telling me that he was in a scheme.”

Yeah. Right. So all the news reports last week blaming the Russians are now out of date. Funny how quickly news tires these days. They are now stitching up Scaramella, as he’s the other person the FSB and the EU want silenced.

Mario and Alexander produced a video together exposing all that Litvinenko knew. Now they say Mario kills Alexander. Seems like a good way to silence the two people brave enough to speak up about the KGB’s penetration of the EU. First kill Litvinenko and then frame his partner. Tidy job.

Murdoch’s being a good EU boy and going with the latest government narrative, which like all previous Litvinenko narratives does nothing to tell about Litvinenko’s revelations. Playing around with the whodunnit aspects mesmerises the public, and nicely avoids the key issue – which is not who killed LItvinenko, but what did Litvinenko say – apart from Romano Prodi was the KGB’s top agent in Italy and the EU, and that the KGB blew up all the tower blocks and not the Chechens.

MOSCOW LATEST – Reuters – MOSCOW (Reuters) – Dmitry Kovtun, a contact of poisoned Russian ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko, is suffering from acute radiation poisoning, Interfax news agency said on Friday, citing his medical notes. “Kovtun has been found to have an acute form of

I know! Scaramella poisoned him too!!!!!

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