Roger Helmer is Britain’s Top MEP

Roger Helmer is Britain most successful MEP at achieving publicity. See the analysis on.

Mario Scaramella would like to send Roger all his best wishes and congratulations, and point out that the KGB are very well connected in the EU. Ever since Romano Prodi, Italy’s top KGB agent was Head of the EU Commission, Russia has been happy to support the EU slogan – ‘Ever Closer Soviet Union’.

It’s really unkind of them to murder Litvinenko for revealing which Italian Left Wing politicians work for the KGB. And Scaramella is being given a jolly hard time of it too. The Italian Police have seized all his computers and documents to try to stem the flood of information coming out. They’re wasting their time.

Roger Helmer knows where right and wrong lie, and nothing will silence his decade long campaign to get Britain out of the whole bloody mess. David Cameron’s making speeches about withdrawing Britain from the Social Chapter, and the Common Agricultural Policy. Roger must tell him that in fact these are not EU projects at all but KGB operations to crush the European economy.

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