Murdoch’s EU Blind

4 full pages of the Sunday Times are dedicated to the LItvinenko affair. Not one word mentions the fact that LItvinanko and Scaramella have both made significant revelations about KGB penetration into Italy and the EU. It is farcical.

To cap that, there is an article announcing a consumer boom in Germany with pictures of dancing girls smiling, taken from the chorus line in The Producers – a fantasy film/theatre about an intended flop becoming a sell-out. How appropriate! The EU is exactly the opposite. An intended success which has become a disaster. Germany’s mini-boom is nothing but consumers buying all they can before VAT rises from 19 to 22%.

Italy is completely bust. France is on her economic knees.

But good old Rupert Murdoch whose business depends on the EU Competition Commissioner not dismantling his illegal TV and Sports monopolies, cannot see anything other than the EU as a success story, where the Commission is KGB-free, not corrupt, and where the economy is not a basket case. I never thought that Mel Brooks (in character) and Rupert Murdoch would end up in the same category – living in totally false reality.

At least Mel Brooks admits to his audience that it’s all a bit of nonsense. Murdoch expects millions to read his rubbish and somehow be too polite to notice.

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