Listen To Litvinenko

The Polonium checks out with Mario Scaramella.

It seems that he too was an intended target of the Sushi Bar poisoning, but he ate nothing and only drank a bottle of water, so escaped the same fate as Litvinenko. Why was he also a target?

According to The TImes, he was involved in a ‘Parliamentary investigation in Rome into KGB dirty tricks’. He and Litvienko were both knowledgeable about KGB penetration into the Italian government, and speaking about it.

The key fact not published anywhere in the UK media is Litvinenko’s reveletaion that Romano Prodi was the KGB’s top man in Italy. Given his time as head of the EU Commission it is safe to assume that the KGB are also active in penetrating the EU.

Are we now being governed directly by organised crime in cahoots with Russian security services? Given the way things are going in Britain, I’d believe anything.

The role of Italy in the Litvinenko murder has so far been ignored by British media. I guess they want to protect the EU from shocking revelations. Litvinenko will probably be rubbished now, and the big money will pay for his memory to be quickly erased.

Those interested in freedom and democracy should not allow his brave revelations to be so easily ignored. Litvinenko tried to warn us, and we should listen.

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