Lib Dems Can Be Defeated

The troubles in the Constituencies show that many places like Chester are not buying Cameronism. This is the problem with letting Maude and the modernisers run the show in 100% Southern Public School accents. Cameron has to get more Northerners – or even Midlanders – running the Party. They don’t see that the Polly Toynbee stuff is all just good play with little substnce. Cameron is right for the North. It’s just that he has to wear Northern clothes as well as appeal in the South. David Davis could become more visible or Liam Fox. It’s time the Portillistas were sidelined a bit. They are a small clique. It is divisive to the Party to give them so much clout. Let’s hear some more regional accents up top, and less ‘OK Yah’.

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2 Responses to “Lib Dems Can Be Defeated”

  1. John East says:

    I’m afraid that Cameron’s whole outlook is geared towards the wealthy, thirty something, middle class, southern intellectuals, to the extent that he probably thinks winning over this constituency is all he has to do to win next time.

    He may prove to have judged the situation better than I have, but I don’t see that his new target group is likely to buy his spin, or whether those that do buy it will sufficiently outnumber the traditional supporters he will piss off.

    Let’s not forget Thatcher won with the support of millions of ambitious skilled working class voters (Essex man) whilst keeping traditional Tories on board. I think there is a big danger that Cameron will be laughed at by Essex man, and loose votes from old Tories in the Shires.

  2. tapestry says:

    Cameron will ride out the current wave of criticism. It’s amazing it’s taken so long to happen. Cameron pretends to be a Blair – but Blair doesnot share Labour beliefs. He’s a narcissicisr who needs his image to be in the media. Cameron’s actually a Tory. He couldn’t give a fig about Polly Toynbee, but he’s playing her beautifully.

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